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Canning Pickles

5 LBS. of Fresh Cucumbers (or go by recommended amount on side of Ball’s Mix)
2 CUPS of Distilled White Vinegar
½ CUP of Ball’s Kosher Dill Pickle Mix Net w 13.4 oz
4 CUPS of Water
1 TSP of Mustard Seeds
2 TBSP of Sugar          
4 Canning Jars –with lids and rings
1 Canner (Large canning pot, used for canning)
1 Jar Grabber
1 Magnetic Wand (used for canning)
1 Ladle

If you are growing them fresh from the garden cut your selected cucumbers in either early morning or late evening.
Cut close to the cucumber.
Rinse cucumbers off in cold water.
Carefully rub your fingers down the cucumbers to remove the prickles.
Place cucumbers in a large bowl with ice water.
Cut the tips off both ends of the cucumbers to keep from turning into bitter pickles.
Place back into water.
You will need about 4 Canning Jars for about 5 lbs of cucumbers.  You need 4 rings, and 4 lids.
You must wash all jars, lids, and rings.
In a large canning pot filled with water to the 2nd ring on your Canner or until water is above your jars bring to a boil then carefully add your jars with the jar grabber. In a smaller pot add rings and lids then bring to a boil to get rid of any extra bacteria.
In a separate large pot stir in the distilled white vinegar, Ball’s Kosher Dill Pickle Mix, 4 cups of water, mustard seeds, sugar, and bring to a boil and let simmer. (This is your brine).

Carefully using your jar grabber remove a jar from canning pot, tilt to remove excess water. Keep the Canner boiling to process the pickles for later.
Add cucumbers into the jars as snug as you want or like the design in the video. 

Carefully ladle brine into cucumber filled jars to the first ring or leave about ½ inch head-space, make sure you don’t over fill the jars.

Once, cucumbers are in the jar wipe the top of the jar to remove excess liquid.
Add lid then the ring, tighten until snug (hand tighten) use only your hands, don't overly tighten.
Repeat with remaining jars.

Using your jar grabbers carefully add filled jars into the canning pot cover and let them process( let jars set in the boiling water bath). Set a timer for 10 minutes on high heat.
Once 10 minutes have passed carefully remove jars with grabber  and place on a clean surface either a towel or a cutting board and let the jars cool.
Listen for a popping sound that lets you know they are completely sealed.

Once cooled store in a dark, cool place (like a pantry or cabinet) and serve after at least 2 week.

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